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I pulled some inconvenient back muscles and possibly a muscle in my abdomen on Saturday. (I have no idea how i did this!) So i’ve been in quite a bit of pain these past couple of days. Fortunately i have some leftover ibuprofen from my surgery which helps make it stop. I’ve found that lying down or sitting leaning makes things tolerable.

TMI ALERT! But i’ve found it quite painful to clean up after using the toilet. All the bending needed to make sure both the backside and frontside are clean leaves me on the bed for a few minutes after. In light of this development i told my husband that i clearly need one of those fancy Japanese bidet toilet seats. He disagrees, because something, something $400 and think i should just suck up my pride and put some Bengay on the muscles. He clearly doesn’t understand my pain. This lead me to the google machine where I found this gem:

So... what gadget do you need in your life?


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