Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Whinge ahead.

It’s just been one of those weeks. Months. Nothing is going in our favor.

First Mr.TenInch had 5 days in the hospital. Then his leave of absence was denied while he was IN THE HOSPITAL.


Then this nasty manipulative selfish woman I work with came at me crazy the DAY I got back from being in the hospital with Mr.TenInch and I had to do the adult grown up thing and own my part in the conflict while she did nothing of the same.

Then I got a nasty cold that made me miss even MORE work.

Then our kitty has a weird swollen/scabbed lip that isn’t getting better and we cannot afford a vet trip right now.

Then the custom medical alert bracelet (because it isn’t a standard medical ID issue) we ordered for Mr.TenInch was undeliverable as addressed even though the address I gave etsy is 100% correct.

I’m just tired. Someone pass the wine pls.

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