Help, I am trying to do taxes for my Alzheimer's dad and I just can't. His finances are so complicated and I can't ask him any questions and expect real answers, and I guess all year he has been filing (=losing) or trashing important papers while saving unimportant ones, and between that and his health and my geriatric crippled dog and my own job and my health I am having an immense GAHHH moment. The woman who has been doing his taxes for years is useless. Is there such a thing as someone I can pay to get all Dad's mail and save what needs to be saved and then do his taxes? I pay his bills now but I guess that person could do that too. Is this something that exists for normal people, or just the 1%? I don;t even know what such a thing is called or how to google for it. Everyone always says "get a personal recommendation" but I've been asking everyone I know for a recommendation for a financial adviser for years and they all say they want one too, and no one has one. I have power of attorney for him. This is a bad moment - my own taxes give me fits and they are so simple in comparison. This must happen all the time, right?? There must be professionals I can hire to help me deal with this? What are they called?

EDIT: I have just asked useless tax woman to file a deferment for Dad's taxes and send me the vouchers for estimated payments so this will take the pressure off in the immediate term until I get him squared away with senior center and find a professional to help me. Thank you, GT-ers!