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I need a haircut.

Can you help me with some ideas, GT?

My hair goes down to just below my bra strap. I've got about and inch or so of dead ends and splits. I have some layers mixed in, and my bangs go down to around my chin and then blend into the rest of my hair. So, pretty boring.

Naturally it's a little wavy, and I can get it straight with the help of a straightening iron. It's very fine, but I have a bunch of it, so it looks thick. I have to really work it if I want volume, though. For work, I just pull it back into a low pony to keep it out of my face and to not draw attention to myself.


So...I don't want to lose too much length, but I want to do something different. Is that possible? All the haircuts I see for longer hair seem to all look the same.

Also, I am extremely low maintenance. I don't really do styles that require more than 10-15 minutes of prep, except for special occasions.

So...before I trudge up to Supercuts in the morning, does anyone have any ideas? Help!

Edit: Would these bangs be a pain in the ass, or no? Also, Kaley Cuoco is so cute.


I'm not blonde, but I kinda like this one. Would it be hard to maintain?

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