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I just applied for this jobby at io9. On March 12th, I'll have my PhD in developmental psychology (my work focuses on the aging process) and I've been applying for jobs for nearly a year. I've filled out hundreds of applications for job titles including the words "research," "data," or "statistics" and I've gotten called back from only 5 of them.


I've been limiting my job search to NYC because I absolutely love it here. I've lived in several different cities at this point and this is where I belong.

Maybe you guys can help launch me into Jobland? I think my bike helmet will do as a job helmet...

I'm very active on LinkedIn and add anyone to my network who's willing to add me because you just never know who can lead you to a job.

If you're interested in helping me and growing your LinkedIn network in the process, please email me at bishfacebobby@gmail.com and I'll send you the url to my LinkedIn profile. In your email, please state your screen name so I know who you are.


Also, if you have any connections to any nonprofits, marketing research firms, healthcare settings, etc in NYC, please let me know!

Let me know if there's anything I can do for you in return!


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