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I Need A Partner In Crime...

Warning: Silly and weird.

A few weeks ago, I received an email in my inbox, telling me I had been invited to DateMySchool, a supposedly university-students-only dating site. I was on the site briefly before I met my former boyfriend and it was dead as a doornail, so I shrugged this email off and went about my business with a laugh. One thing ate at my mind... it didn't tell me who invited me — the name only started with a "J".

Now that I am single, I am curious. But, the system has changed on the site — in order for me to find out who sent the invite/respond to ANYTHING, I need to either pay money or invite a friend. Supposedly I have three messages in the 20 minutes since I activated and put a picture up, so my curiosity is slowly climbing. Not sure if I want to do the dating thing any time too soon, but I wanna knooooow!


Any single US university ladies or gentlemen want to experiment with me here? You can deactivate right away — I just need someone to accept and all my friends are asleep.

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