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No one in my family ever believes I know shit about anything, no matter how much I actually KNOW about it. And one thing I know something about is dogs.

My sister's Yorkie died a few months ago. She wanted to get another pretty quickly. I offered to help her find a good breeder. But no, she found one at a pet store.

I said, "Don't buy a pet store puppy. Don't buy a pet store puppy. The parents live in terrible conditions. They don't do any health or genetic testing. You have no way to know that the dog will be sound. I will help you find a reputable breeder." They wanted a shit ton of money, too. But she wanted the puppy. Her vet did health certificates for the pet store (I told her that didn't mean shit - they get paid to do that). She said, "No, no, my vet walks on water. He'd never steer me wrong. He said they are really good people." And that, right there, is a big red flag, because no vet worth shit will tell you to buy a freaking PET STORE PUPPY. EVER.


Well, surprise, surprise, her dog has a genetic defect. At a minimum they will have to remove his hip joint. Then he will need physical therapy. Good news for her vet, I guess. But not for her or her dog.

I didn't say I told her so. I wanted to say I told her so but I didn't want to kick her when she was down. Plus she never admits she is wrong, anyway. But goddamnit, I TRIED to tell her. I tried to tell her husband, too. Good thing they have a lot of money to blow on vet bills.

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