Oh wise people of GT, I look like crap. I'm a woman of a certain age not getting enough sleep and frankly I've never had good skin. I am drawn to things with the words "luminizing" and "brightening" in the name, and my pores are enormous. But every primer I've ever tried, Smashbox, Laura Mercier, Benefit, breaks me out terribly. I don't need wrinkles and zits! I suspect it's the silicone, dimethicone, whatever -cone they've got in them. The bad part is, it's that -cone stuff that smoothes out your face and makes you look exactly like Kate Winslet! Dammit.

Anyone have any more natural primer recommendations? Maybe a powder on top of the makeup would help?

While you're at it, concealers! I hate all of mine. Creasey fuckers.