Today I have an interview for a contract job, so I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what to wear this morning. I've been working in manufacturing and software for the past two years, and at least in the Pacific Northwest, everyone wears jeans to those sorts of jobs. I haven't had a dress-up job in awhile. Like, last time I wore formal-ish clothes on a regular basis for longer than a couple months was before grad school. So I was 20. And in the meantime, I've permanently gained a little weight. So everything in my professional wardrobe either doesn't fit me correctly anymore or is from the junior's section and is a little young feeling (because, you know, I was 20 and too small for anything from women's to fit me back then). I don't really know where to start with getting a professional wardrobe, though. I feel like most dress pants look terrible on me because I have a pretty large rear compared to the rest of me, and they're usually tight in super unflattering ways. I guess I'm looking for a) suggestions for clothes that would look good, professional and not super young on me, b) a list of "must-haves" or something, and c) maybe some links for buying online or suggestions for where to look.

yay thank you guys in advance! Have an appreciative gif!