Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Every year for christmas my family does a gift exchange, often accompanied by something creative. The creative thing is not a crafty thing but a poem, story, comic, illustration are all viable options. Since I'm currently sitting down trying to attempt to wrench from my brain something creative, I thought I'd share with you what we've done in the past.

My father often writes a page or more per person (sometimes combining boyfriend and I if it fits). These pages contain his personal rambling, a journey through his thought process. It's always incredibly creatively written and often funny. It often hints towards the present the story belongs to but can touch on seemingly completely unrelated topics that only make sense in his mind and his story. Alternatively, one year he made my brother about 15/20 2-sentence rhymes that got worse and more funny as the evening went long.

My mother will write rhymes on the rhythm of famous songs. She expects us to sing these, which we thoroughly hate but we do it anyway. Again, they are often funny, sometimes unexpected and sometimes confusing, but always a joy.


My brother switches it up a lot. Sometimes it's a story or a rhyme. One year he drew 4 haiku comics. What's a haiku comic? A 4-panel comic that embraces the weird nature of the haiku. They were adorable and so creative!

I don't always feel I do my job very well. Many years I just went with a rhyme and that was that. Last year though I had an evening to myself and brought out nice paper, some pencils and drew everyone a voodoo doll of themselves and wrote a short rhyme each. They turned out pretty good and I thoroughly regret not photographing them. I also thoroughly regret having something to live up to now ;)

Inspire me! I'm tired from working all day and achy from my workout yesterday and it's already 9 :(


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