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I need a video game

I really need a not too complicated game for my laptop. I'm not a video game person I like all the games that gamers like my boyfriend say aren't real. That's fine they keep me amused.

Currently I play Candy Crush but that gets boring after a few times plus you gotta wait on your lives to re-up.

I have always been a Mario fan, we had regular Nintendo when I was a kid and I used to play my brother's DS games when they weren't using them.


On the computer I used to play all the Diner Dash games, and I played Chocolatier which was very much a task-based and goal game. I was super excited when Sim City was gonna come out this year and then that turned into a debacle. So what say you, I have super internet ennui going on at the moment. Except you guys, you know I love you guys.

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