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I need a Wahmbulance

Because waaaaaaah

I haven’t been able to be healthy this month. Started with a terribly sore and swollen throat and lost voice. That was viral but not strep.. But morphed into pink eye. On and off cough and sniffles with sore throat that I assumed was allergies. But..... Here’s the part where I need to be a lil more aware. I am on day 3 of swollen glands, sore throat, body aches and alternating chills and sweats. It just now ~ in the past hour~ occurred to me to check my temp. DUH. Yup 102.4, not my normal 97.7. Pout. I messaged my doctor but NEED to go to work tomorrow. So many bills and a wedding to attend next weekend.

I'll be over here gargling salt water until I pass out tonight. Waaaaaah.


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