Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I need advice.

So as y’all know, Sgt Ex-Bf broke up with me a few months ago after six years, and the general consensus among those who know me IRL is that is was some straight bullshit. And whatever, that’s fine (and I agree). But I wonder - how does one date again, even casually? I’m to old to just be fucking around willy nilly (not that people who want to do that are wrong or something, but it’s not my thing). In my adult-life picture in my head, I’ve been married. It’s something I want to do, it is important to me. I want that to be the end goal, so I’m really not in a frivolous-nonsense mood. How do I even begin with that. I’m so terrified that I’ll devote more time and effort and love just to be thrown away again, and I don’t want that...

So what say you, GT? How am I even supposed to begin when I’m just fucking hurt and terrified?


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