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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I need advice, plz!

I have a coworker who I am friendly with and have hung out with a couple times. But, the more I have gotten to know her, the more I realize I just don’t want to be friends with her in the way that she wants to be friends with me.

She lives by herself and, I thiiiink, gets lonely pretty easily, which I totally get. But she keeps inviting me to stuff and, while I’m more than happy to chat in the hallways at work, I’m really not looking to go any deeper than that (or spend more time with her than that).


She reminds me of some terrible stuff about my dad (whom I love but don’t want to spend more than a couple hours with at a time) and she has this habit of wanting to have long, drawn out conversations via text, which I hate. I don’t mind brief texts but I don’t want to spend hours texting info that would be more quickly conveyed in an actual conversation. Call me old and cranky but I find that annoying.

How can I disentangle myself from this lopsided friendship gently and kindly?

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