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I need an app. Or a PA. Not sure which.

Okay, guys, here is the deal: that job I was so worried about? They're expanding my role to include policy (HOLY FUCK I'VE DREAMT OF THIS MOMENT) in addition to my other work, and oh yeah maybe I'll be on media and communication too.

My restaurant called me today in a tizzy to see if maybe I wanted to be a server, so I'd work 7 nights a week but be in overtime for half of it, on my cook shifts. Sweet, sweet fifteen bucks an hour.

My school would like to know if I could please give them some more money for tuition, and also possibly maybe run some student groups.


My children would like to know if I can play "clap repeatedly" for a few hours a day.

My husband would like to know if I can do the laundry and make dinner.

The accountant at Fancy Office Gig would just like me to remember to submit my damn invoices. Yep, out of all that, the thing I forgot was to get paid. I am smart.

SO! for those of you with fancy professional-type lives that involve project numbers and grocery lists, how do you make it work without forgetting anything? I feel like I'm drowning in minutiae. I can get it all done because most of it involves thinking more than doing, but I keep ignoring stuff I mean to get to because something else comes onto the radar and OOH SHINY!

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