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I need an outside eye's opinion.

I recently took some wedding reception photos, and the longer I stare at them, the worst they become. This would be the first actual wedding reception I did photos for (it was a free gig), but I still don't want to disappoint. We did a "take Polaroids of the guest, have them sign them, and give it to the bride and groom" thing I thought was cute, Lil physical keep-sakes. Now editing the actual photos and of course I've been staring at them for 18 hrs or so and I keep making edits.

Can someone else look at the previews?
I sort of want to send the link privately. So please comment with 'me'. Ill give you the link ,but I would want you to dismiss the comment later so its not publicly on the internet.


ETA: THANK YOU ALL. I really feel like I can breath. I keep imagining the bride not being happy (because the groom is really 'whatever' about the whole thing). Ive was up til 4amish editing them, zooming, out, add a spec, remove one, literally giving me a headache. AH, I feel much better now!

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