Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I need assistance! And I have 3 1/2 hours! GO!

I have a job interview today!! YAYYY!!!


It's for a part-time position at a gym/health club in my oddly affluent neighborhood (I say oddly because it's South Brooklyn). It's also about 80 degrees here today.


So here's the breakdown of why I need help:

I don't want to wear just black pants and a button down because 1) it's hot and 2) I don't have a white button down that fits. Oh and 3) it seems kinda boring.


I *have* to wear pants because I have tattoos on my legs that I want to cover up. Also, same with a top or sweater cuz MOAR TATTOOS.

I was thinking of wearing a pair of nice, dark jeans, nice black or gold flats, and this pretty, relatively conservative white/coral top I just got with a cardigan. The top is a bit flowly so the pants I wear with it should be more fitted, I feel. Are jeans ok for an interview at a gym? I feel like it's not a super professional setting, like an office or something, so as long as I dress up the jeans with nice shoes and a top it shouldn't look too casual.


I own 1 skirt, and it's a pencil skirt that looks semi-pornographic on my very, VERY pear shaped body. I'd also need to wear black tights with it because tattoos.

And no heels because I want to be able to walk and not fall on my face.


Edit - I didn't even realize that I left this out. The position I'm interviewing for is the front desk person, like the person who checks members in and whatnot. I'm not trying to become a personal trainer or anything.

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