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I need assurances!

So, a few weeks ago, I had a lengthy telephone conversation with my future mother-in-law about her coming to visit us. I told her a period of a month and a half that would be a good time and that she could come whenever was good for her within that period. She said that was fine. BUT, she never told us when she was coming.

Flash forward to last week: during a bout of drama that she created (it was entirely manufactured by her), she sent this equally dramatic email imploring us to allow her to come visit. My fiance intended to talk to her on the phone about the drama and her visit, but he was out of town and just spoke to her yesterday.... during which she expressed that she has no regrets about her behavior the prior week and then created another fight about our guest list. Because of this new issue, my fiance didn't get to discuss the visit... but leaving it hanging was causing me anxiety so I emailed her.


I said that we had previously discussed her coming in August, which was still good for us with the exception of a weekend that we will now be away. She is welcome to come any other weekend.

I wanted to make the point that we had already talked about this, and the onus is on her to actually plan the trip without blatantly saying, "look, you are in the wrong here so stop trying to lay a guilt trip on me". Do you guys, in your infinite wisdom, think what I said was OK, or am I being passive-aggressive?

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