... so of COURSE I am coming to GroupThink!

I have been on Marvelon (21 and 28, I don't take the placebo pills) for 6 years. I'm on a new drug plan at a new school, and they cover a fraction of what Marvelon costs - $18 from them, $54 from me. The price tag was a shock (I luckily had 100% coverage under my parents up until last year) and when I hesitated, the pharmacist encouraged me to get the generic instead. It only cost me $10. He confirmed that it's the same. Well, okay...

I got home with my three packs of Apri 28 and hit the internet. AND NOW I AM SCARED AS FUCK. All of the completely stable, reliable, believable people on the internet say that switching from Marvelon to Apri will cause: headaches, bloating, weight gain, severe periods, cramps, nausea, dizziness, depression, and a major drop in sex drive. These people aren't listing the official symptoms, they're first-person accounts.

I know that the internet is full of nutbars and not the place to go for medical advice, but I can't get in to talk to an actual medical person until it will be too late for me this month and I'll have to either bite the bullet and start it, or use condoms all month. That would SUCK - my boyfriend has foreskin issues that make condoms really painful, and we're already having some intimacy problems, so throwing that extra barrier in would probably mean awkward celibacy for a month.


Any advice? Has anyone done this switch, or tried Apri? Does anyone know if colourants and fillers make a difference for side effects (barring allergies)? Because Marvelon and Apri are supposed to be exactly the same as far as concentration of hormones goes.

FWIW, I don't have any problems with heavy periods, cramps, or acne. Apri seems to be prescribed to treat all of these things, so I am a little worried that it will be stronger than I need, but that is probably internet paranoia talking, since Marvelon was fine.


UPDATE: Thank you guise so, so much. I'm going to give it a shot. Thanks for reminding me that a) the internet is full of all of the pissed off people, not the happy ones, and b) my life will not be forever altered if I have bad side effects. And really, I'd take these side effects over an accidental pregnancy any day. I LOVE YOU ALL.