I think I've gained Grownup Points for at least realizing this before a level 10 meltdown, but I seriously need some shit to distract my over-thinking brain.

I'm nervous about starting a new job, a little cranky with Mr Cranks and still finding myself under-stimulated. I think my default shitty personality drive is to stir shit up at this phase. I know I shouldn't, so I think I should bake the fuck out of some quiche instead.

I need books and/or a hobby to immerse myself in and quiet my meddling brain down. (Is that terrible?)

Any ideas?

ETA: I normally read science-y non-fiction, so I'm thinking of picking up Mary Roach.


ETA2: Thanks, guys! I went to my local library (I have a city library card through work, but I wasn't planning on going in until later this week) and got Devil in the White City, Packing for Mars and Bossypants. That should keep me busy for now. :)

I will drive to my parents' sometime in the next few weeks and while there get knitting lessons and supplies from my mom. Idle hands, y'all.