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OK, so I can't have booze at the moment because I'm at work, but I NEED it. I've got too many things to worry about right now, and I'm done for today. I've pretty much just given up getting anything done today (no one is returning phone calls or emails).

I just found out my lovely mummy has breast cancer; it's very operable, like the kind you want if you're going to get it. And she goes into surgery on Fri/Sat.


ManJive is getting nervous because he hasn't found a job yet. I know it's only a matter of time; he's educated, hard working, and our local economy has lots of decent opportunities. He got fired from his job last summer (basically, the job that he was doing was finished, he always knew it wouldn't last), and he taught for a year, but (obviously) didn't make enough money. SOOO things are tense. But we're doing the best we can.

Oh and it's my berfday on sunday. yaaaay.

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