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I need cleaning advice ... again.

I'm not quite done moving out of my apartment in northeast Missouri, and I have to go back up there this weekend to wrap things up (I've been staying with my mom in St.Louis for the past few days). Anyway, I did my best to clean my apartment and make it suitable for the next person, but the kitchen desperately still needs help. I know this is super gross, but there is just so much random grease on and around the stove and one of the sinks. I used various combinations of Mean Green, a Lysol kitchen cleaner spray, plus Dawn and vinegar, and even all of that couldn't take out the grease. Are there any other de-greasing things I can try? I don't care if it's something I have to buy (as opposed to DIY), it just needs to be reasonably priced because I'm super desperate.

ETA: I also tried to use Magic Erasers, and they didn't really do anything for the grease. This shit is stuck on like you wouldn't believe.


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