My anxiety levels, are at an all-time high. I'm not sleeping well, and apparently spending 28 years a ball of nerves isn't normal. Things that I've done my whole life that I'm surprised to learn aren't normal

-making myself so nervous I throw-up

-trouble falling asleep since I was like 8

-chest pains when I'm working on a project or assignment that I'm stressed over (though I don't get those in this job, so yay?)

-whole host of other issues

My whole life I've been nervous, my parents solution was to get annoyed at me and demand I stop. For reals, getting yelled at for being nervous doesn't actually make it stop. You just hide it and eventually people pretend you're okay.


I'm finally making an appointment with a psychiatrist. I have health insurance, I can afford it. It's time to do something. I have 5 numbers to call programmed in my phone, now I just need to make the actual calls.