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I need encouragement (and music ideas)

Picture is unrelated, but appropriate, since both of my cats are right in the middle of what I'm trying to do right now!

As I mentioned a few days ago, we have a home inspection on Wednesday. Oh, the joys of living in subsidized housing, where every 6 months management gets to come in and pass judgment on your housecleaning abilities. One of the many reasons I'm dying to move out of here. I've kind of gotten started on it this weekend - found most of the floor in my bedroom, folded and put away a ton of laundry, half-assedly cleaned one bathroom. I had Almost-MIL come and crack the whip on the younger kids to get their room cleaned up last night (they do what she says, whereas I'm just Mom and much more easily ignored!).


I realized a little bit ago that I've been just sort of wandering around the house picking things up and putting them down somewhere else because I just don't know what to do with some of this stuff! I have gotten rid of sooooo much stuff over the last few years, but my mother keeps dropping off "just a couple of things" and I'm getting overwhelmed again. I've never figured out what to do with this apartment (everything fit just right in the old one but it just doesn't work right here), and the extra stuff is just complicating things.

So, I need encouragement and "moving" music. I listen to just about anything except screamo metal, including Russian hip-hop and Bollywood musicals, so throw your best ideas at me. For reference, I'm listening to Bombshell by Powerman 5000 right now, and that kind of beat is my "can't sit down" music. Also, does anyone know how to make a YouTube playlist?

I need Merlin and his house-packing spell!

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