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I know a lot of you have used eShakti (since I found out about it on Jez/GT!) so I hope maybe someone can help me out. I have never shopped there but right now it is buy 2 get 1 free and you can get a $25 off coupon if you have never shopped there before so I thought I would get some dresses for a few weddings that I am attending this summer.

I am fat and have a definite "apple" figure. I carry weight in my midsection/stomach area. I took my measurements (bust, waist, hips), and I am just worried that a dress will fit at all of those points but still be too tight around my stomach. When trying on dresses at stores it always takes me a while to find one that doesn't make me look pregnant. Any tips on making sure everything will fit, even when shopping online (I am lucky enough that even though I am plus size, it is toward the lower end of the spectrum so I can still shop in person at some stores, and I always avoid online shops if I can). Here are some of the dresses I am thinking about:


Should I have the pockets removed from the dresses I buy? On Project Runway they always say that pockets do not look flattering on dresses. This is the extent of my fashion knowledge.

ETA: I posted links to three dresses but apparently now you have to scroll through with the arrows to see all the links. Oh, kinja.

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