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Okay. This is totally asinine. Like, it’s so trivial, but it’s something that has been plaguing me for at least a year.

So I listen to an excellent podcast called Reveal. I truly look forward to Saturdays, partly because that’s the date it’s put out each week. Anyway, the intro music for the podcast reminds me of a song that I used to love. The catch? I haven’t heard it in years, and the lyrics are lost on me. But I do think the name of the song has something to do with dangerous game or something like that and I believe it was originally a country song. I’m hoping you folks can help me figure out what the fuck this song is that I can’t remember, but have been trying to dig up for literally a year. I’m putting a link to the show below so y’all can try and help if you want. The part that really reminded of the song I’m thinking of is 0:30-0:40. Hive mind - halp! I’m going INSANE trying to figure out the song that’s been plaguing me each week for more than a year lol.


oh, and also, even if you can’t help me out, enjoy the podcast! They really do excellent investigative journalism.

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