So...I'm a failure at all things hair and makeup. But I need some recommendations because the color-treated hair shampoo (sulfate free!) that I bought last night smells awful. I can't do bad smelling shampoo. :(

It's the L'oreal Sulfate-Free stuff, and it's rosemary and juniper scented. Gross. But it was $8 for the shampoo and $9 for the conditioner, so I'm stuck with it for a bit. What do you guys use to keep your hair color nice for as long as possible? If you can share links, that would be best, because I've tried Longs, Walgreens, and Safeway and there isn't much of a selection here. Sally Beauty is reallly far away, so I'd like to avoid going to that side of the island if I can.

I'd also love recommendations for any kind of tinted moisturizer with SPF. I'm pale as can be, so, there's that.

Thanks in advance!