With my exercise. And since I'm too poor to afford a personal trainer, I've decided to crowd source an answer from you lovely Groupthink individuals.

Here is my situation. I taught myself through one of those phone apps to run 5K last year. I've been exercising moderately since February of last year. I found that I hit my wall pretty much there. I can't run over 5K without slowing to a fast walk in intervals. It's because of my heart. It literally won't let me go over that distance without feeling like I'm dying. I've been told that running isn't supposed to be a hardcore cardio workout, but for me it is.

So. My solution to this was to try hardcore cardio workouts to build my heart muscle. Stairmaster for thirty minute intervals. Or fast paced elliptical where I can monitor my heart rate and make sure it's getting a good workout.

I felt like that wasn't getting it done for me. So I've upped my workout time from 40 to 55 minutes or so, going between cardio and weight training. Like, stairmaster on high intensity for 10 minutes, switch to 10 minutes of weights, elliptical, weights, treadmill on the highest slope. You get it.

Here's my problem. I'm only able to work out three times a week to maintain some semblance of a life. My work day is generally about 12 hours long from the time I get up and rush out of the door, to the time I pull in in the evening. With a workout, I'll get an hour and a half to make dinner, sit on my butt and watch TV, and shower and go to bed.


Guys, I'm frustrated with my lack of progress. I feel like I look no different, I don't feel any different, and I really do my best to eat healthy, which is difficult due to lack of good grocery in my area.

Do I need to make my workout a daily routine for this to really have an effect? I've been trying to change my schedule to go to four days a week. It's just difficult because I'm also trying to make time for my SO who I love and live with. It's easy for me to make time on the weekends, but I feel like my week is cramped as is.


Any guidance to give? Any helpful tips?