So long story short, I’m moving. This has been a long time coming, and I’m SO freaking excited, but I’m also super stressed out about it. Currently the timeline is set at about 6 weeks - I have until the end of June to get all my shit together.

What all do I need to do that I don’t KNOW that I need to do??

Things I already know I need:

- Pack up all my shit (hopefully getting rid of a lot of it)

- Arrange some sort of moving company to relocate the shit to the new place where I’ll be putting all my shit

- Find said place to put all my shit (fortunately, His Majesty will be out there way before I will be, so I’m putting him in charge of touring and finding a place for us to live. I plan to throw money at the problem and look at pictures and insist on a decent kitchen, and that’ll be my contribution.)

- Informing current living situation that I will no longer be requiring their services, much as I love my darling apartment (it holds all my shit!)


- Do about a million weird legal things that my parents are insisting I take care of before moving in with A Gentleman Friend because apparently they haven’t quite figured out that someone who is technically just my roommate can’t get access to my assets. They’re being worryworts and while it’s cute it’s also frustrating as hell

- Buy a car. I’m moving to a place where I will have to have a car. I don’t want to buy or own a car. And if I were to buy one I want a fucking Tesla. But that’s not practical, so I have to be practical, and I DO NOT WANNA


- ....Profit? I guess?

Seriously, what the fuck else am I missing? I’ve literally never moved before. Sure, back and forth across the country for college but like, never with furniture, and never with more than a couple boxes of stuff that was fairly easily shippable (thanks Mom!).


ETA: Okay guys, I appreciate the reminders, but I can’t change addresses for ANYTHING until I have a new address. I’m aware of all that - I just can’t worry about it until I have something to change it to. Please don’t stress me out any more by everyone saying UPDATE YOUR ADDRESS ON ALL THE THINGS, I left it off the list on purpose because it’s not going to be something I can think about for at least another month. :)