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I know there are a lot of cat lovers here, so please help me! If anyone has taken an outdoor cat and made him an indoor cat, I would really like to know how.

My cat is about two, and I've had him for a year. I kept him as an outdoor cat during the day at my old place. I moved on July fourth to a new neighborhood, and decided to keep him inside because I live on a bigger, busier street, we're not in his home neighborhood anymore, and he was injured twice on his romps. Plus the apartment I moved to is about three times the size of my old one, and has a downstairs, so he has more space to play.


The thing is, he doesn't really play or romp too much, and he seems unhappy. He makes a plaintive meowing sound while moping around the apartment. He has toys galore, and I even got him a new one a few days after we moved in, but he rarely plays unless I goad him into it. He has a little scratching post/bed that he hangs out on, and he gets into windowsills and watches the world and meows sadly. He's always trying to get out, and he's become ornery and cranky. He climbs on my boyfriend and I all night, meowing. He is also constantly hungry, he demands food all day long, but he's not that active inside and I give him the same amount of food I always did.

I thought a solution would be to put him on a leash, but um, that has not gone well. I tried three times now on the leash and he strains (once to the point where he was choking himself, I do NOT recommend the "Come With me Kitty" harness), lays down and growls at me, or most recently flipped out in a way that I was afraid he hurt himself. He's OK, but has anyone actually, successfully put a cat on a leash? He is strong-willed and strong bodied and he just does not want to submit.

So, any advice? I just want a happy indoor cat!

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