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I Need Help Having Fun-Seriously!

I want to have more fun.

So, I have no life. For a lot of reasons I've listed below. I devote my life to school. When I do go out, it's tame-movies, sushi, all that jazz. I want to be a bit more wild, and come out of my shell.

What prompted this urge to change was hearing a story from my friend the other day. Apparently, all of my friends went to a nightclub and had the usual drunken good time. They know I have all of these phobias about going out, that I tire easily, and have mega anxiety about just about every thing-plus I'm busy with school. So I wasn't even invited. Which kinda hurts, but I get it.


I've never been to Vegas as an adult, never been to a club, etc. I go to bars and stuff, but I still feel like I'm missing out on the best years of my life. They all go to the really fun part of our city, and I limit myself to our college town. I am pretty cool to hang out with (I'm the funny one who loves everyone, I have top shelf booze, and we all like the same things) and they love me to death. But I really want to have fun with them, or at least get the invites. They completely understand the anxiety I get and everything-which makes me feel very loved by them and accepted. But I want to be fun and wild. I want the 'remember whens...". For what it's worth, my freshman year was full of parties, but they were frat ones, so...yeah.

How do I do this? Seriously, how do I learn to have fun? Come out of my shell? Kick the habit of being an anxious shut in?

Edit: Also, they know I have lots of psychiatric appointments...and the many disorders. Another thing that takes up most of my time, but they understand.

Also, and unrelated: I woke up from an awful post-midterm anxiety dream. I hate those dreams. But my friend I never see is coming over tonight, so I'm looking forward to that!


Edit: Wow, thanks for all the advice and stuff! I'll go out once this damn class is over, and it will be epic. Mark my words!

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