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I need help with work clothes....

I am in need of work clothes and I am coming up short. I got some cute dresses and a few more pairs of pants before I came here, but coming from nothing to a few pairs isn’t quite filling out my wardrobe. I don’t mind wearing the same pants every single week, but I’d like to have spares and variety.

My biggest problems are that I can only shop online now. So I’m hoping you guys know some things that you love and can recommend them for me!

Things I am in need to purchase:

-Stretchy work-appropriate pants. You know, not yoga pants material, but still stretchy and completely opaque. I have 2 pairs from Van Heusen that are like regular trousers, but with a bit of stretch. I only own like 4 or 5 pairs of work pants that fit.


-Cute fitted dresses. I can’t do A-line because I have large hips, but fitted things usually work. I can do some looser dresses, but they usually need to have a belt or elastic band at the waist for it to not look horrible.

-Cute and comfy low heel/wedge/flat shoes for work. My ankles suck and I can’t wear heels.

Relevant information: I am between size 16-18, depending on the brand. I have hips. Everything I order ships to the US and then gets forwarded to me, so I don’t need international shipping!

Help me, GT! If it wasn’t for you guys, I would look like a hot mess.

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