Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I need Jackson Galaxy STAT.

I need a cat whisperer. My cat isn't from hell, she's incredibly sweet and has never purposely scractched me and I've never heard her hiss or growl towards a person ever. BUT, she will not let my husband and I sleep. Since we adopted her, she's woken us up at night, sometimes several times, but never every night like this. We've been keeping her in the basement at night lately, because no matter how many times we take her off the bed/our faces she just comes right back. The basement isn't a good solution either, because she just sits next to the basement door and meows/cries. For the entire night. It's an old house, so you can still hear her pretty clearly. And the neighbors can too.

She doesn't do this during the day, so I don't think it's some sort of health issue. It's only at night. Please help? I need sleep.


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