Alright, so I have an important conference to go to this coming Saturday. I usually wear a full face of makeup to conferences, very neutral, not over the top, but I usually wear liquid foundation, concealer, blush, eye liner, mascara, neutral eyeshadow and some lipgloss.

Of course my face is completely broken out, and I popped all the pimples (I HAVE NO SELF CONTROL GUYS AND GALS), so now my face is covered in scabs. ALSO, I have a horrible cold right now, and while I am sure I will be well enough to go to the conference Saturday....I know that all the skin around my nose is still going to be dry and flaky by the time it rolls around.

What are the best methods/ techniques to wear foundation with scabs and super dry skin around my nose? I was thinking maybe primer would make my skin silky enough that it would somewhat smooth the dry skin and the scabs. I have super oily skin normally, so I never have any idea what to do with dry skin.

Do you lovelies have any tips or tricks?!?!