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I just received an email from the halfpence’s teacher.

Apparently he’s been acting like a little shit this week, the issue being not listening. She reached out because the principal was on yard duty today and had a front row seat (nice work kid).

So, it’s not listening and not following directions/doing what’s asked of him.

He’s never had any kind of behavior problem...I don’t think I’ve even given him a time out. This is possibly hitting me too hard, because I don’t understand children and I knew it would get harder as he got older. I tend to freak out internally if he’s not absolutely perfect (in terms of behavior). Because I have this fear of my kid turning into an asshole. Also his dad and I are not together. We are on good terms and definitely talk about this stuff, try to get on the same page, etc.


My question is...what do I do?? And are there any decent online resources for parent type stuff? He’s very head in the clouds. I know it seems like a stupid question but because he’s 6 and never had any behavioral issues, I don’t want to totally fuck it up :-/

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