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I need motivation and opinions on paper

Extended family is having a new addition in the next day or so, and I have a "Welcome New Baby" card to complete. I've quilled a little red pram for the main decoration, but I can't decide what to use as backing paper. I'm going as non-gendered with colors as possible with the paper I have, so . . .

Animal themed? (Pros: very baby themed, adorable. Cons: I used it recently on a card for New Mom's close friend, pattern may be too busy / clash with the pram.)

Stripey square with green polka dots underneath? (Pros: bright, cheerful, and not gender specific. And I haven't used it recently. Cons: Haven't decided what shape for the card, I dunno.)


Flowers and hearts? (Pros: really pretty shiny glossy paper has texture! Cons: Too much blue? Not sure what to do shape/border-wise. Basically, don't know quite what to do with it again.)

I'm still trying to decide whether to try some fancy folding or just go for a basic card shape as well. What do you think?

Edit: So, the green is out and I'm eliminating the animals as well. Here's the yellow I just found. Maybe that as a border around the edge so there's white space as well?


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