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Because I think mine are defective. I'm planning an early Thanksgiving dinner and they're already screwing it over with sudden schedule changes and there's only two of them.

I started planning this one week ago today (for this Sunday), because I knew the one friend, I'll call her Heather (the same Heather from this post, she ended up just not coming to my place at all that night), tends to be really flaky and put other friends ahead of my plans and I never know if it's because she just doesn't want to come or the events aren't good enough or they just got to her first. I figured if I tell her over a week in advance I could rule out the "people got to her first" theory. Yesterday she IMs the group saying that she can't do it until later, 7 or 7:30. I was planning it at 4 but I wasn't married to that idea, so I said sure because I wanted her to come and a later dinner just means I don't need to get up early to start the turkey.


Then the other friend IMs the group saying she has an assignment due Monday which means she has to leave at 8, so can we do it at 7? As if a big Thanksgiving dinner is just show up, wolf down food for an hour, and then leave. That's when my blood started to boil. I'm mad at Heather because I asked her if she was okay with the day a week ago and she said yes, then suddenly late last night put a condition on it with a rude "let me know ASAP what you're thinking". I let you know a week ago what I was thinking and you agreed to it! I know you made plans over us again and expect us to move our plans to accommodate you. I'm mad at my other friend because I asked her if she was okay with the day a week ago and she also said yes. If she has a big thing due Monday, she should start it before 8PM Sunday since SHE AGREED TO PLANS THAT DAY. It makes it clear that she just expects us to spend hours and hours cooking to feed her and then she hangs out for an hour, stuffs her face, and leaves - so much for Thanksgiving spirit.

We bought all the ingredients yesterday, and now I just want to call it all off and eat with just the two of us because I'm so annoyed at them. I just wanted to do something nice for my friends and try to host my own friend Thanksgiving. I should have just taken the free turkey from donating blood and made it for Boyrax and I.

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