Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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I need online comics to read, please!

It seems like all of my favorite online serial comics are on hiatus right now. I am going crazy!! Please recommend some good long comics that update regularly (or have nice backlog.) I prefer ones with good art and moving story lines and perhaps with some fantasy/sci fi themes.

Here's the list of ones that are stalled for a while (or over altogether!)

Ava's Demon




Fox Sister

Chester XYV (NSFW)

Boned (NSFW)

Currently Reading (but they only update once a week, if at all! It's not enough!)



Strong Female Protagonist

Tripping over You

Oglaf (NSFW)

Em Carrol (when she updates)

Johnny Wander (actually haven't really read this since they started the Lucky Penny story)


Starfighter (NSFW)

Young Protectors


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