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I need people who are good with colors!

And also a HUGE thanks to Raised_By_Heathens for sharing this pattern, and to everyone else who suggested patterns too!

So, I posted before that one of my best friends is having a baby and I want to make a blanket for her. After crocheting some practice squares, I fell in love with this one. It suits my friend (and hopefully her baby) perfectly.


HOWEVER, I'm so bad with colors. They clash, don't match, are too pastel, too vibrant. Name the problem with colors, and I'm sure to have done it. My expertise is actually making blankets that are purposefully ugly.

That's why I'm crowd-sourcing. The baby will be a boy. I'm looking for three gender-neutral colors that will make this blanket look awesome.

Can you help me? Preferably, I'm looking for something not quite as bright as the orange and yellow pattern in the preview, but not pastel either. Also I'll need to use baby yarn... and my favorite is Red Heart, just in case you want to be really specific in your recommendation. ;-)

As always, thanks GT and much love to all of you!

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