Not so much a trigger warning but more of a hey we're talking cramps here.

So I'm on the Pill, like I have been since I was 18. I gave my body a brief reprieve last summer when I broke up with my ex and started dating the Geekboy. I was off the pill a few months but couldn't stand it, I never knew when my period was coming, my cramps were awful again and I was bleeding for the first 3 days like I was getting paid to do it.

From 18-27 I was on the pill for 1.) No babies 2.) Menstrual relief. Senior year of college I was having terrible cramps, and was put on Loestrin. It was fabulous I could function those 4 days again, bleeding was lightened it was amazing.

In June 2012 I broke up with my ex, I didn't have health insurance but I was getting some when I went permanent in my job. I decided to give my body a hormone break knowing that I had access to Planned Parenthood, if I needed anything between then and getting health insurance.

So then I met the Geekboy but the Geekboy has had a vasectomy. I know longer need BC for no babies just menstrual relief. I went on BC, I started having issues, bleeding a little after sex and some random spotting. They put me on BC with a higher progesterone so no more bleeding and we were back in business for awhile.

Now over the last few months my period has just been kicking my ass. My cramps are worse, not as bad as they used to be but worse than they usually are on the Pill. My bleeding seems to be under control, but I've always been heavy the first 3 days. Not on BC I was soaking through pads in a couple hours. (Yes I use pads, not tampons or Diva Cups and I'm not changing my mind anytime soon.) I'm also super exhausted, and literally collapse on the couch when I get home any kind of activity requires a supreme effort.


Do I need to be eating something like iron or protein? Do I need to change BC again? I'm terrible at gauging when I should go to the Doctor. Should I go back to my gyno? Should I try heating pads? Midol instead of Acetaminophen? Any solutions or recommendations would be helpful. No one I know IRL has hellish periods, they're random ailments are headache/migraine related.