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Welcome To The Bitchery

I need permission

I routinely have a hard time getting rid of things. If someone likes something, i can give it away soooo easily, but to just toss something in the trash? So hard.

But... I have some tea. Well, I have a LOT of tea. I love drinking tea, but I seem to love buying tea even more. So I have lots. I love Constant Comment, but I just found some that I got from my grandparents’ house when my grandmother died about... 9 years ago? And it had probably been in her house for several years at that point. I tried drinking it, thinking “dried leaves should still be fine” and it was.... Meh. Like, if it were the zompocalypse, and this was all I had to drink, I’d enjoy it, but I have so many teas that I would rather be drinking.


So, what I need is.... I need permission to just throw it away. Since it’s not actually poisonous, I can’t convince myself that it has “gone bad” and *needs* to be tossed. And I *could* force myself to drink it, but either the taste has changed (over more than 10 years - this should be obvious, right?) or I don’t like Constant Comment as much as I used to. Either way, what’s the point of keeping it? I’m not going to drink it. I have English Breakfast, I have Lemon/Ginger, I have Coconut Chai and Mango Ceylon... They are all lovely. I have Red Rose and Liptons that are better than my decade-old CC.

Could someone please tell me to throw it away? Or tell me what else I could do with it? (I can’t compost - the compost bin is frozen shut for the next 3 months).

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