Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I Need Positive Vibes Y'all!

As I posted yesterday, I have one job interview today. I want a job. So this is major.

Is it in the field I want to/was trained to be in? Kinda-ish. Does it seem like something that I can do? Easily. Do I have a bit of apprehension about the company?



First, it seems very vague. But I’ll be asking questions. Second, I am not sure of a set salary. While I am grateful, I don’t want to be a sucker.


The research on the company has been...well...a bit hard. Not a lot out there. The worst that can happen is that I can turn it down-though I am in no position to do so-and the best that can happen is that I’m wrong. I’m going to interview, and for that, I am appreciative.

I’ll update later today.

On the flip, a mini Captain America toy came with a candy thing I bought. That is all.

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