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This is in regard to lease/tenant laws in CA.

I moved into an apartment in February and the noise upstairs became so fucking shitty that, in an admitted moment of complete weakness because I had the flu and was being kept awake in the middle of the night, I shot an email to my manager giving my notice. I sent him a signed letter the next day.

I still haven’t seen my lease from them. He told me (on 5/15) that there is a waiting list and is “CONFIDENT” the unit will be rented before the 15th of this month, which is when I said I’d be out. This is important because he’s claiming that because I am breaking my lease I must pay rent until the unit is filled (which I’ve never heard of, I thought that is what deposits were for, but I know nothing about this stuff).I didn’t hear a thing from him for two weeks, so I checked in.


I told him that I need some kind of notice as I can’t make plans for moving and finding another place until I know the apartment will be filled. This was his response:

“To be clear - it doesn’t work this way. The only way I can accept an application and approve someone to take over your apartment is having a firm commitment from you on an exact date you will be out. I can make no guarantees and there is no flexibility here. When someone breaks their lease - there are penalties to pay; which is rent until the apartment is re-rented. At this point, I am assuming you will be out by the 15th. I am marketing the unit, and have taken 2 apps on it, but neither were approved.”

So, basically, he’s telling me I have to move out and still pay rent. I don’t know what to do, I feel like I totally fucked myself here. I must have some kind of rights, even if it’s rescinding my letter. Don’t I have an expectation of relative quiet in the middle of the night? This has been a complete fucking nightmare.

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