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I need socialization help. (crossposted from OT)

Sorry for cross-posting, but this has been on my mind a lot. I am a very direct person. I'm not "brutally honest." I tend to see things for what they are pretty quickly, and I don't waste time getting to the point. While that's a good quality to have, it can be really jarring to people, and I want to learn how to temper it, how to gauge my audience, and how to communicate a little more gently. I try my best not to be abrupt, but I know I am sometimes. I have such a disconnect at the deep level of subtleties I see, and my inability to reflect that subtlety in my communication. (Maybe because things that would seem subtle to other people are glaringly apparent to me.) Any suggestions?

And on a side note, once I see something for "what it is" (according to me), it's really hard for me to shift to another perspective. I'm almost always right, but I worry that I'm inflexible/unyielding/unable to compromise because of it.


Here's a kitty belleh to as a thank you gift in advance for your help.

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