Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I need some advice.

What do you all do when faced with someone who is just...never happy. With anything that you do for them. It's like they decided long ago that they were determined to be miserable and to bring you down with them. And if they REALLY cared about you like they say they do, they wouldn't make you feel like dirt for setting some boundaries and trying to make things easier on yourself.

I mean I know, objectively, the only thing to do is get out, get away, and make your own happiness, but how do you DO that when you have a ton of guilt about it (both what you put on yourself and when you have a ton of guilt put on you)? What's a good strategy to remind yourself that you deserve better?


Sorry I'm rambling. I've just been kind of shocked to realize over the last few months what a low opinion of myself I have that I would let someone take advantage of my good will for so long.

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