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I Need Some Love

My boyfriend just broke up with me, a bit out of the blue. Could I get some internet love?

My now ex showed up unexpectedly to my apartment this afternoon. After 9 seemingly lovely months together, he said he needed time to think about our relationship.


I’ve been having some financial struggles and am in the process of a consumer proposals - I was honest with him that this was happening when we first started dating 8 months ago. This past week, I fucked up and forgot to pay a large fine and it resulted in my car registration being revoked. And so we were planning a vacation that needed a car, so I was going to try to get my shit sorted out but I asked him if we might be able to use the car that his sister and he share. This happened last week. He told me today that he was really upset by all this (he didn’t tell me until today) and needed to think because it was just too stressful because “is there something else that’s going to pop up”.

I realize that he’s worried that I’m just going to spend money irresponsibly - but my debt is from school fees, medical fees from an accident and mental health issues and some just plain bad decisions. And I’m on my way to getting my stuff sorted out, but I was extremely stressed out over the last 4 months and didn’t take care of stuff like I should. What’s funny is that now that the stress is over I’ve started to deal with everything now that i have time. (May is crazy - it’s my end of term at school - I’m a teacher - and I play a large hand in running a 700+ person event that happened two weekends ago). But for him I guess the situation is just too overwhelming...even though he had told me over and over again that he would support me through all this...


I was afraid of this happening - that my financial situation might dissolve the relationship. I never asked him for money, and we always payed our own ways. I wish he had talk to be about being so upset about the vacation - I was going to try to figure things out anyway and we could have talked about it. When I tried to explain he said “well I still need to think about things” which I replied “well, that usually means that things are over”.

Anyway, I’m super sad, everything was great between us until last week (seemingly). Please be gentle if you choose to comment - I’m not in a space to get snarky messages right now. I just needed to tell someone.

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