Do you ever have a "Seriously, I love you, but back the fuck up" kinda day?

I've had a rough week and the weekend's gonna be jammed with grading papers. I'm tired, I'm on my period, I've got a bit of a cold. And HomeyHeart wants to chat about the radon mitigation system.

This morning, he called in sick because he had guys' night last night and he ate poorly and stayed up too late. Shocker! Today, he had an upset stomach and was tired! By the time I got home, he miraculously felt better. I guess a day of video games and naps will do that for you.

Meanwhile, I got up early to run, showered, went to work, ran classes, and gathered papers I'll be spending the whole weekend reading. All this on no coffee!


When I got home, all I wanted to do was watch Project Runway and eat my ramen noodles. HomeyHeart came into the office no less than 6 times to ask me about the fucking radon mitigation system. All this after I told him the first time, "I really don't care. Do what you think is best."

I don't want to mistreat him but I need some down time. And, honestly, when I tell you I don't care, I really mean it. (Ok, today, there might also be a subtext of "I don't care, STFU Tim Gunn is talking.")


What's a really nice, loving way to say "Back the fuck up"? How do you ask for/demand down time from your loved ones?