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Running tights or pants in particular.

I'm becoming overwhelmed by everything out there! Let me tell you a bit about my running, in case any of this matters. First is that I RARELY run outside. I don't anticipate getting a ton of use out of what I buy, so low-end are okay. I have a 5K on Sunday where it's going to be below freezing, and I've never run in that temperature. It's so early in the season that I've not had an opportunity to do so, which means I don't have any time for trial and error. It was nearly 70 yesterday, for crying out loud!


I am not a serious runner. I do not run any more than 5K (lol, I don't actually run any more than 2.5 miles, but if I COULD run the entire 3.2 miles without walking, I'd stop then).

I am short. I'm only 5 feet tall, and I have kind of a long torso at that. If there are brands that you know run long, I'd love to know, so I can be wary!

I know they shouldn't be made of cotton. I imagine "lightweight" and thin are big selling points, but for 5K, does that matter the way it would for a marathon? IS IT OKAY IF THEY ARE ACTUALLY YOGA PANTS BC YOGA PANTS ARE HALF THE PRICE? What sort of layering works for you? Will I hate my life if I don't wear gloves?

Thanks for your help, hivemind!

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