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Have you ever noticed that people dismiss others on the basis that someone "just wants attention"? I've noticed it a lot in my family, and I must say that I feel somewhat silenced when people say it. Like I'm expected to never need acknowledgement, support, or recognition. And make no mistake; those things are forms of attention.

I've noticed something similar in my interactions online. I'll post something when I'm distressed or I'll express hesitancy in something that I'm doing. And then someone will inevitably accuse me of wanting to start a circle-jerk or an echo-chamber. And I wonder to myself: So what? It's not bad to want support and to seek out similar experiences when you're feeling vulnerable. Granted, I think it's important to get other points of view on stuff depending on the situation. But using a single space (read: not the whole world) as echo-chamber or a circle jerk is not inherently bad to me.

I dunno. This idea that I should *like* being invisible really pisses me off. What say you?


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