A friend of mine is going through a breakup, and she was supposed to go on a cruise with this ex, but instead she asked if I’d be able to go with, and I am!

The only issue is that I’m currently traveling for work (in the East/MidWest US) and won’t be going back home to San Francisco before the cruise (where I have a stockpile of suits, sigh). And I don’t have any swim wear with me right now!

I was able to find some bottoms in black, aqua, and coral for $7 at a store called Meijers, but that’s all they had.


Last night I looked online at Asos, SimplyBe, Wet Seal, Charlotte Ruse, Forever 21, SwimSuits for All, Old Navy, Torrid, and a few others....no one has tankini tops left in my size.

Can anyone help me find tankini tops that are size 22 or 24 (2x/3x) and under $30 dollars?

Thank you!!!!!

Updated, here’s similar to what I like (but so pricey):


I generally go for sexier cuts with v-necks (though I do like bandeau or blouson) in blacks, turquoise, coral, leopard print that steer more to the younger trends (even though I am an old). Sporty doesn’t do well on my body or personality :(

Updated again, here’s another style I like (too bad their 4x is really only a size 16):